Sunday, December 4, 2016

Time Goes On

Whelp. The end of the year is coming up and I figured that even though I failed at keeping my New Year's resolution to do one doodle a day for all of 2016, I might as well put some closure to this personal project.

You may notice that the doodles dropped off around mid-October. In the end I burnt out. What was once a fun and lighthearted endeavor eventually became a chore. Work. And I lost the inspiration and the desire to doodle.

Maybe in the future, if I ever decide to revisit Jimmy and SWG's world, I'll set a more reasonable pace for myself. I'd really love to come back and tie up storylines and expand on their world further. But one-a-day is just too strenuous for a novice like me.

Aside from the massive disappointment in myself for not completing this project in its entirety, I'm grateful to anyone that's taken time to check out my doodles. Thank you!

THE END (for now)
- Quintessence